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Speaking & Outreach

Communicating, teaching, and mentoring in science are my true passions. From sharing my research with other scientists and beekeepers to discussing pollinators with broader audiences, I strive to make science accessible to all ages and experience levels.

I give various talks, workshops, and presentations to a broad range of audiences. Check out some examples below! If you would like me to speak with your group, please contact me at

New in 2019!

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​With a team of graduate students, undergraduates, and faculty, I co-founded the Tufts Pollinator Initiative (TPI). TPI is an on-campus organization committed to educating the general public about pollinators and working to make Tufts University a Xerces Society Bee Campus USA.

General Audiences

garden clubs, K-12 students, school teachers, girl scout troops, etc.

Topics: my research, honey bee biology, importance of honey bees, pollinator nutrition, importance of pollinators, what we can do to help pollinators

Examples: Tufts University's Annual Community Day (pictured), Catalyst Conversations, Portsmouth RI Garden Club Meeting, Pint of Science

Photo: Evan Sayles

Beekeeping Audiences

conferences, club meetings, classes, etc.

Topics: my research, honey bee biology, honey bee nutrition, honey bee immunity, social immunity


Examples: BABA's 2016 Bee School, Follow the Honey's National Honey Bee Day Celebration (pictured), American Beekeeping Federation 2015 Conference

Scientific Audiences

conferences, seminars, poster sessions, etc.

Topics: my research, honey bee biology, honey bee nutrition, social immunity, nutritional ecology

Examples: Tufts University Graduate Research Symposium (pictured), International Society for Behavioral Ecology, Medford High School Reverse Science Fair

Photo: Clint Perry

Hands-on Activities

hive demonstrations, microscopy, crafts, interactive activities, etc.

Topics: honey bee anatomy, honey bee communication, honey bee vision, hive products

Examples: BABA's 2015​ Tour de Hives (pictured), Medford High School Annual Fells Day, U.S.A. Science & Engineering Festival

Photo: Shutter in a Compass Studios

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