About Me

I received my Bachelor's of Science in Biology from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in 2013. From UMassD, I joined the Starks Lab to research honey bees for my Ph.D. Now, I am studying ant-caterpillar interactions in the Pacific Northwest as a post-doctoral researcher in the Crone and Schultz Labs. I enjoy speaking about my research (and insect pollinators in general!) to both scientific and general audiences. 


Outside of school, I enjoy photographing insects, playing softball, reading (especially anything by Jane Austen, or pertaining to Sherlock Holmes), baking, and being with family and friends.


Research Interests

2009 - 2013

UMass Dartmouth

B.S. Biology, Commonwealth Scholar


2018 - present

Tufts University & Washington State University

Post-doctoral Researcher

Nutritional Ecology

How do insects get the right nutrients in the right amounts from their ever-changing environment?

2013 - 2018 

Tufts University

Ph.D. Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution

Ecological Immunity

How does the environment affect how an insect protects itself from disease?

Social Immunity

How do insects use behavior to protect themselves and their relatives from disease?

Insect Pollinator Health & Nutrition

How does diet and/or nutrient diversity affect pollinator health?

2017 - 2019

Tufts University Experimental College