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For the past two days, I have been participating in Scholar Strike, a movement to bring awareness of structural and systemic racism in America.

As someone who couldn't see myself in the popular image of "scientist" while I was growing up, I strive to be inclusive in my teaching and my mentorship, but I know I can do more. The cops have never been called on me while I walked around the city with my butterfly net and camera. I have never feared for my life for simply being me.

Beyond being inclusive in my teaching, mentorship, and research, I strive to be an anti-racist ally and educator. I am still learning and know I will make mistakes along the way. Here are some of the resources I found most helpful for teaching/STEM during #ScholarStrike. I will keep this list updated to the best of my ability.

Gooblar D. Teaching for equity.

Peer-reviewed papers:

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