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National Pollinator Week!

I celebrated National Pollinator Week by spending time with my honey bees (which I technically do every week), and honoring a pollinator a day on Twitter. While it's great that we have a whole week that's nationally recognized and set aside for pollinators, we should celebrate pollinators every day! Pollinators make crops possible, they add to our economy, and without them, our landscape would be pretty drab. Picture no flowers, just grasses and wheat.

You can find out how to celebrate pollinators every day, in my video, We can help the bees! While I only talk about bees in this video, the suggestions will help out all insect pollinators!

This video was my final project for a digital storytelling class taught by Dr. Sara Lewis here at Tufts. I created the animations toward the end using HUE Animation Studio (and lots of craft supplies). If you're wondering about where all those beautiful macro shots of bees are from, check out Sam Droege's Flickr page! All photos are posted as government works and as such, are public domain. Thanks Sam!

This was my first time writing a script and producing a video--constructive feedback welcome!

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