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Today is a big day: it's Earth Day AND the March for Science!

I won't be marching today but I will be doing science outreach at the Discovery Museums in Acton, MA while sporting my #MarchForScience t-shirt. I will be with all my fellow scientists and science-supporters in spirit! Also, I had to pleasure of speaking with TIME writer Alexandra Sifferlin about what I hope today's March will accomplish.

From Sifferlin's article: Rachael Bonoan, a biology Ph.D. candidate at Tufts University, says she hopes the march will make scientists more visible and relatable to the public. “Science tends to be viewed as an exclusive club for the geeks, the nerds, the people who are smart enough, but that view just isn’t the whole truth," she says. "A child asking questions about the world is science, baking a cake is science. I see an opportunity to expand the public’s perception.” Bonoan will be giving a lecture on honey bees at a museum in Massachusetts during the march, but will be wearing a March for Science t-shirt in solidarity.

Read the full article here.

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